Palmville Group Homes offers an exceptional
standard of amenities and service for clients


We believe in maintaining a high standard
characterised by excellent services

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a brand that
thrives on integrity, reliability,

About Us

We have the vision to improve the living standards of all our clients beyond their expectations. We have established our facility as a platform through which our clients can access professional support and care to live happily.

Our mission is to establish a brand that thrives on integrity, reliability, and trust. We seek to offer our clients safe and professional guidance to help them attain a level of independence and live a better life. We have developed a transparent system supported by competent and trained staff who share our vision to become the best in the industry.

We strive to offer our clients the following benefits:
•  A sense of fulfilment and motivation to achieve goals
•  Awareness and information to make better choices and decision
•  Providing support and guidance to help vulnerable adults gain confidence and maintain dignity
•  Friendship and support from family members and the community
•  Skill development opportunities

Services Provided By Us

Care Services

We believe in maintaining a high standard characterised by excellent services and a thriving support system for vulnerable adults.

Visiting Services

Our team understands the company’s mission, and we strive to offer a high level of commitment to delivering the best services that will make our brand a glowing example in the community.

Linked Off Site

Our system comprises of a standard monitoring system to ensure we are on track regarding meeting the expected levels of excellence and performance. We have prioritised the need to deliver the best services and achieve outstanding results.


At Palmville Group Homes, we are committed to providing full support services to persons living with disability. We are an NDIS provider offering services aimed at helping persons with disabilities lead full lives.

Our Values

We have identified a set of values to guide our staff and administrators on how best to practice professional conduct and structure our services to meet the individual needs of our clients.


Our approach to providing support and assistance to all clients is based on showing genuine respect for the clients and their wishes. We honour and celebrate every client regardless of physical, emotional or mental disabilities.


We hold the opinion that without empathy it will be almost impossible to connect with our clients. This is why our operational procedures have been developed with an intentional effort to employ staff who can show genuine compassion while helping vulnerable adults’ live better lives.

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